Sketch Dump

16 07 2013

I’ve never put one up but it seems the norm when ya disappear for a long while.


We were just in California, and by we I mean myself and my fiance’s family for a wedding. So since I posted last I got engaged, and I certainly couldn’t consider myself a luckier man that I will one day be married to this great woman.  This was my best “sketching vacation”. I learned I don’t talk to people when i get really into a sketch though, so I need to temper it.  So below are some drawings from when my parents visited down to yesterday’s lunch break drawings.


I’m getting excited that my 5-10 minute drawings and coloring with grey-scale prisma markers don’t suck anymore. They look like the model i’m drawing off of, and that’s encouraging haha!


Warning... boobs

Warning… boobs

that crab is coming in for trouble

that crab is coming in for trouble

wharf drawings



Actually looks like the man

Actually looks like the man



Local lunch spot

Local lunch spot


They give you rabies you know

8 11 2012

They get in your hair

I could NOT get this movie out of my head. Bats are next, or Chiroptera. Reminding me of course of the great white bat… haha

I’ve never drawn bats before. I can’t think of why.  They’re interesting, albeit kind of ugly little guys. I think i’m starting to get more comfortable with the faster drawings and then with this one I also did a longer coloring. I used many more markers, very sublte shade differences for most of them and I feel like this bat is just leaps beyond the coloring of the mice.

Then it hit me, the great white bat had great white guano…

And now a close up ( different type of bat)

This is where the markers start being ridiculously awesome

Wednesday landscape

17 10 2012

I’m on schedule! This is a 5 minute drawing of the Sonorian desert.  I think I’ll start working to ten minute and occasional 30 minute drawings soon, especially for landscapes.  I’m pretty happy with my basic layouts and the like, so I’ll start doing the longer sketches  based on reality, and maybe try some made up landscapes for the fivers.  I have also been thinking about working on purely landscape elements, mountain lines, trees bushes, rivers etc, as individuals.  Kind of a character design in itself.  We’ll see how it goes!

It took me until very recently to be set in the spelling of desert and dessert…


sketch dump and probably plein air coming soon as AA and I will be going to Moab this weekend!

Yeah Yeah

9 10 2012

So, I suck.  Here’s my Skecthy Sunday, because my character design for Friday isn’t done yet. And I’m not posting it until it’s done.  So this past week I decided on Borderlands 2 as my sketch for the week. I did three of the characters and have some monsters. Two characters are going up today, maybe the third. The monsters I might hold in reserve.  First is Salvador the Gunzerker. A delightfully tiny man with the ability to double-fist two rocket launchers.


Tiny Terror


A little bleed through on the scan, oh well. Next is the Soldier or Commando.  I did this one based on the skin I currently use, kind of a russian soldier, hence the patch. The turret I just made up instead of sat down and copied… I’m sometimes lazy.

Go get em girl


So yeah. Two new guys, with the siren remixed ie Maya coming maybe tonight.


THis week will be the new Monsters University for my sketchy Sunday. I came across their new .edu webpage and love the detail put iinto it. I plan on doing work for the Monster Athletics. 😀


Sam out



3 10 2012

This is a quick test, I got an Invalid request when I tried to post this before. 6 minute drawing, three kinds of pen/colors as well.


Ooooh, desert

Penguins… IN COLOR

30 05 2012

5 minute drawing, all marker, no pencil. I went for more of a landscape/negative space option here. I added a quick coloring for the sky and water to add depth… so I guess a 6-7 minute overall effort.


i heart penguins

Kafue Lechwe

30 05 2012

A semi-aquatic, read marshy, antelope from Africa.  Another 5 minute drawing, pencil and number 3 marker.  Not great, but the proportions are better than my previous attempts at quick, horned, and hooved animals in a short period of time. Usually the head is much smaller, weird!


No idea what sound it makes…