Quick sketch

25 01 2013

Nothing too fancy, just working on color and proportion and still mucking about with the chalk brush from robotpencil.


Original from Daniel Lopez munoz

Original from Daniel Lopez munoz



18 01 2013

Stepping back to a-shirt design for UMAMI. A phenomenal food truck in FoCo. Here’s the new base, instead of a heavy texture, to keep printing costs low, it’s a max of 4 color print now.


The basics

The basics

black shirt3


15 01 2013

I said I’d be putting Ian Snailhunter in some action shots. Luckily Ian the real person sent me images of him with weapons, from a while back, yeah he took them with a semi pro photographer friend, and i will get to add more detail than this 15 minute drawing.  But it’s fun!



Tidying up

12 01 2013

Cleaning up and adding a shirt and better staff/harpoon to Space Snailer Ian… Not 100 % on board yet. But still really liking it. Going to be taking the character and putting it into different posture thumbnails next. Then some snails…


Kinda looks like a rower from Venice...

Kinda looks like a rower from Venice…

Snails in Space

11 01 2013

So, with the Wacom, I’ve been looking for something to direct my attention as I learn. The model practice and shading is great, and will continue, but a goal would really help.  In comes Snails in Space.

Thought up by a co-worker, who is subsequently the first subject and main character, it is effectively a Moby DIck like story but in a semi-future where snail oil (slime?) is the source of all energy.  So on hover craft and bigger ships Snailers roam this planet. The plan is to practice creature, character and landscape design all related to this.

Below is Ian’s first attempt.  It’s not perfect by any means but something to go off of. No shirt yet, I wanted to get the figure right first, figuring out his complete out fit(s) currently. Then friends can send in head shots, or let me take em from facebook etc to use as more references. It’s been fun already. If you haven’t guessed, the style is semi victorian, 1800-1900s era but it will have some tech involved.


ian posed

More practice

6 01 2013

More practice

Still nor perfect in intent/final but I like the steps already


4 01 2013

This is why I wanted a tablet. The ball took me about 20 seconds… and below is Anthony Jones, one of the artists that got me drooling over the potential.